More people need care across a number of different settings – hospitals, GP surgeries, clinics, nursing homes and in their own homes. But care is often not well joined up which leads to inefficiency and means patients may not be getting the best possible care as they move between organisations.

In Berkshire West we want there to be more collaboration between the organisations which will ensure the services meet the health and care needs of the local population.

Our aim is to make simple, practical improvements for the people we serve, often by learning from things that have worked well in other places. These include supporting GPs and other community settings to expand what they offer, making it easier for people to manage their own conditions, and investing more to help people live healthier lives and avoid illness.

What are the benefits?

Some of the benefits of a joined-up approach include: 

  • People are supported to take care of their own health and well-being
  • Care is provided closer to home, wherever appropriate
  • Joined up care across providers to improve patient experience
  • The capability and capacity of GP, community and social care is increased to provide care that meets the patient’s needs
  • Better prevention and early intervention to reduce the need for more intensive on-going care
  • We have a high quality, fit for purpose acute and specialist hospital service
  • We have a shared Quality Strategy with system wide approach to the delivery and monitoring of quality
  • We operate to a single budget for the whole health care system, making the most effective use of every pound and delivering financial sustainability
  • Staff and workplace well-being is improved, and we build a sustainable and highly skilled health and care workforce in Berkshire West